Learning and development, in an organisation, is the area where the capabilities, skills or competencies required to ensure a sustainable, successful organisation are identified and the means of developing these capabilities are put in place, to underpin the organisational effectiveness.

I have vast experience of working in the field of Personal and Executive Development, having researched, designed and delivered development programmes for many varied national and international organisations. I specialise in the area of personal awareness and personal effectiveness, especially in relation to leadership and business enhancement. A great deal of my work involves supporting leaders through the process of change, in both the private and public sectors.

Working with multi-cultural groups, has led me to develop programmes which assisted individual and team development, in both cultural and gender diverse global teams. Helping women as leaders is a particular interest of mine.

My expertise in learning and development has enabled my clients to challenge their assumptions, beliefs and behaviours, thus assisting them in reaching their full personal and leadership potential, whilst also meeting business goals.