“The results from my counselling sessions with Denise Chatterton have exceeded all my expectations. She has equipped me with self-awareness, coping mechanisms, increased confidence and a more positive outlook; all of which have enabled me to get both my work and personal lives back on track. Denise has a lovely, calm and encouraging manner and never fails to have a sensible suggestion or solution to whatever is troubling you. I have found the visualisation technique I learned to be a great aid to calming and relaxation when used in conjunction with deep breathing.” (Camberley)

“Denise has offered counselling at two Youth Centres in Surrey.
She is a very professional counsellor, she is clear with boundaries. She is approachable and friendly striking a perfect balance for this role. It has been an honour to work alongside her. She shows a strong commitment to the young people she works with at the centres and she has a real heart to see improvements and development. She offers a very varied professional counselling service with techniques that empower young people to cope with situations themselves and this has been very effective.” (Youth Centre Manager)

“I was very reluctant to visit a Counsellor, but gave in and started to see Denise. I am not exaggerating when I say it was the best thing I have ever done. I would highly recommend Denise, her calming conversations have been invaluable to me and the methods she teaches have made such a difference to me, one of them, her breathing technique alone, has again without exaggerating, kept me out of hospital. I feel my life is starting a new journey where I AM in charge. I can not thank her enough. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” (Weybridge)

“Denise has helped my son (age 15) with his anger issues. He is now able to manage and communicate better what is going on for him, and as a result, we have a much better relationship. He is much happier, at home and school, after seeing Denise. She has a great rapport with my son and he trusts and listens to her. I am very grateful for all the support she gave him and me.” (Walton on Thames)

“I am so glad that I made that call to Denise and sought her help with my daughter. I don’t know how my daughter, or I, would have got through those months without her. Denise helped (daughter) work through her thoughts and feelings and helped her understand her life in a different way. I wish to say a huge thank you.” (Camberley)

“Ever since my first phone call to Denise I felt at ease, so when it came to my first session I didn’t feel so worried. She has made a huge change to my life, and I looked forward to my sessions knowing that I was in a safe and comfortable place, seeing a friendly face! Denise has helped me so much and it’s nice to see the change in myself because of her.” (Farnborough)

“My wife suggested that we went to see Denise for couples counselling and I went along to the first session begrudgingly. I am totally surprised at how helpful it has been, not only in our marriage, but in family and work relationships as well. I am very impressed with how honest, insightful and observant Denise is. She is able to look at our relationship and give us guidance on how our differences, in the way we think and behave, often cause problems in our relationship. I am a convert to the benefits of counselling and am very grateful to Denise for helping us find ourselves and each other again.” (Windlesham)

“I am really thankful to Denise for all her hard work, patience, understanding and support over the past few months. She made me feel comfortable and at ease to talk, something which I find very difficult to do. Denise helped me with techniques to use regularly and made me really change my way of thinking, so that I am much less anxious about things now. I still have some work to do, but I can honestly say I feel great and happy. I see my life in a different way and I am truly grateful for that. I wish Denise could get more recognition for the fantastic job she does!” (Frimley)

“I don’t think I have the vocabulary to really express how grateful and thankful I am, to Denise, for her patience, kindness and support. She helped me to look at all aspects of my life and to challenge and see things in a more helpful way. There have been some very tough times, but Denise helped me through them. The tools she has shown me will be with me for life and I am super excited about my future.” (West Byfleet)

“Denise was fantastic. She always listened and left room for me to make the correct decisions.” (Chertsey)

“Having faced many personal and professional challenges I felt like I was as strong as an ox and able to handle anything which is why getting so stuck with a personal relationship left me feeling lost, although I didn’t know any of that at the time! Denise really helped me understand a much broader view of what was happening, what I could impact and what I had to accept. She did it all so gently and became a staple of my ‘diet’ of getting my life to a much calmer, happier place. For a while I would ask myself ‘what would Denise say or do’, however her counselling is so good, that I now have the tools and ability to stop and ask myself that question instead. She’s a wonderfully kind person, a consummate professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to everyone.”  (Addlestone)

“I am so thankful for Denise and all the support and guidance she has given me. I went to see Denise, when I was at my lowest point and I could not see a way out. I was going through grief, I was in a relationship I was feeling controlled in, and I was experiencing workplace bullying. Denise has been an amazing rock for me and she has guided me back to my authentic self. I will miss her but I am so glad that now I can go it alone and feel confident within myself to move forward with positivity. You can trust Denise as she really wants to help you be the best you can be. I can’t think of anyone better than Denise to help you with whatever you are going through. I am truly thankful to her for everything.” (Walton on Thames)