“Denise helped me with some confidence issues that I was facing in my work and personal life. Sometimes, she seemed to know what I was thinking before I did, and she was able to help me identify, very quickly, the beliefs that I had about myself that were unhelpful. I am able to challenge them now, and look at my place in the world, in a more helpful way.”

Managing Associate, City Law Firm

At a crossroads in my life and full of confusion and anxiety, I gained from Denise’s experience as a Coach. She is very professional, but does have a good sense of humour. She presents accurate, useful, personal feedback in a supportive manner and is a good listener also. She is able to put people at ease and challenge them when necessary as well. I would definitely recommend her as a Coach.

Senior Engineer, Energy Company

“Denise is a very caring, understanding and nurturing coach. She helped me overcome some important personal issues, and generally helped me to manage my well-being better.”

Asset Manager, Global Transport Organisation

Denise was very supportive and encouraging, whilst I was going through a massive career transition. I trusted her from our first meeting, and found her to be very insightful.

Director of Sales and Marketing, FMCG

“Denise helped me to finally realise how I wanted my career progression to look, and to take responsibility for making it happen. I had been trying to do what was expected of me and making myself unhappy in the process. Denise’s approachability, and understanding of others’ deeper dynamics, enabled me to find the confidence to trust myself!”

Managing Accountant, Civil Service

“Denise is able to bring her extensive experience in Executive Development and psychology, to the coaching relationship. This offers support in finding practical, visible benefits from the work, alongside broader introspection for the coachee. It has been great to have space away from my organisation to explore my development.”

Project Manager, Financial Services

“Whilst experiencing relational issues at work, Denise provided supportive and effective coaching for me, which not only helped me manage the difficult work relationships, but to my surprise, also helped me develop more fruitful personal relationships as well. Thank you, Denise.”

Strategy and Business Development Manager, Retail

“Over the past year, Denise has been coaching me through some very big transitions in my life. I could not have navigated through these changes, with as much integrity and authenticity, without her support. Her coaching skills helped me identify and focus on the most important aspects of this change and face the fears that have hindered me so much in the past. I am very grateful for her sensitive and insightful coaching.”

HR Director, Motor Industry